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We aim to partner with clients to optimise performance at an individual, team and organisational level, solve problems and address challenges using tailor-made solutions.  Each solution is designed to your specific requirements, reflecting the context in which you are operating and the business imperative driving the initiative.

Our key service areas are:

Within each of these areas we provide a wide range of services to benefit your business.  As we build our tailor-made solutions for you, we will pull from as many of these service areas as necessary to deliver the best possible results, ensuring that our clients get full exposure to everything that Orion Business Solutions has to offer.  Details of the services provided can be found by clicking on the adjacent buttons along with information on how they may be of help to you and your organisation.

We will listen carefully to you in order to understand your organisation and its culture and the challenge you are facing.  We will then design a tailor-made service focussed on achieving your goals.

We are qualified coaches and accredited to use Hogan Psychometrics and Myers Briggs (MBTi) and these tools can be used to bring greater depth to any of our interventions. 

We will always quote you a price in advance for the work we do with you.  This price will only change if we agree a change to the scope of the project. Our aim is to ensure that our clients achieve a strong return on investment.

We are happy to offer an initial consultation as the first step on this journey.  If you would like to meet with us to discuss your needs please contact us.

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