Orion Consulting

Skills Based Workshops

We offer a range of skills based workshops which can be tailored to meet your specific needs whilst covering essential core content.  Our workshops are engaging, thought-provoking, informative and highly interactive, combining intellectual challenge with a practical approach to learning which helps to ensure new skills and knowledge are embedded back in the workplace.

Our workshops can be run as full day or half day events in order to meet your needs.  Both formats include time to apply newly acquired skills with the full day workshops offering multiple opportunities to use these skills and to receive feedback for improvement. 

Our workshops are led by senior people with deep expertise in their subject and real experience in international organisations.  This allows our facilitators to share theory and provide practical examples based on real life experience and real knowledge of the subject which in turn ensures a genuine transfer of knowledge to participants. 

Our workshops include; leadership behaviours, handling difficult conversations, mentoring, leader as coach, leading change, speaking in public, to name but a few.  All of our workshops are co-led by two of our team, combining different experience and perspectives and maintaining a high quality tempo to the event.

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