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Coaching takes many forms but essentially it is an accompanied exploration of an issue that is key to the achievement of a goal for an individual or team.  This can be a problem or a development opportunity, a project or an impasse, a decision or a relationship.  There is some initial defined scope for the work, although the tightness of this definition can vary hugely and is not always held with equal conviction by all interested parties.  Over time the exploration can unearth additional goals or levels to the inquiry which can influence the direction and approach.

At the heart of the work is a highly personal and confidential relationship between the coachee and their coach and the nature of the evolving trust between them can determine the depth, direction and daring of the work.

We believe that three factors make our approach at Orion distinctive:

  • Our coaches have experience in business and while they are highly mindful of not imposing their solutions, they can draw on this experience to the benefit of our clients
  • Our coaching is designed to be right for the individual in their business context and for the business itself.  It is results focussed.   
  • Our coaching is crafted to produce measurable results – for the individual and the business. We strive to understand what success will look like for both parties and we encourage them to capture these aspirations in agreed goals.

We strive to provide a clear and consistent framework for all our coaching work, which includes defining the aims, supporting the execution and evaluating the outcomes of the intervention.

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