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Individual Coaching

Coaching can be a vital support for business people in many situations.  Managing change, leading new teams, navigating matrix management are all challenging scenarios that stretch a professional’s non-technical capabilities. A coach can help an individual to identify and develop their skills and resourcefulness in these and many other situations. Working with clients to understand their challenges objectively and to heighten their self awareness not only helps them to deal with current obstacles but also helps to build a strong foundation for future performance.

Our coaching process is simple and strives to provide clarity at each stage of contracting, goal-setting, coaching and evaluation, while respecting the confidentiality of what is shared between the coachee and coach. While the sponsoring organisation may be represented by HR or line management in the initial formative meetings, we strive to consider the needs of other stakeholders including senior management and customers. We believe that the more concrete the goals of the coaching, the clearer the shape and relevance of the work for all parties and the more likely the chance of a successful outcome.

While our coaching is non-directive - because only the coachee can really know if they are happy to put a plan into action - we seek to combine academic training with extensive business experience which often provides relevant examples from which both sides of the coaching relationship can draw.

We endeavour to add ‘outside’ elements into the coaching framework whenever we can usefully do so and in particular we are happy to incorporate Hogan psychometric tests and 3600 feedback into the process.

Most coaching assignments are based around 6 formal sessions with ongoing support between sessions. Further details of our approach are available on request.

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