Orion Consulting


A key component of organisational effectiveness is ensuring that team working enhances the contribution of individuals such that the team’s performance level is greater than the sum of it parts.   Our facilitators are highly experienced in working with organisations across a wide range of industries to enhance team effectiveness in a number of areas.

Our facilitation services include team effectiveness and culture and values development workshops with Executive Teams and targeted team performance enhancement on a range of subjects including readiness for change, effective communication and decision making for all levels of leaders and managers.  Where appropriate we can gather feedback from internal clients, stakeholders or employees, which serves as a valuable input to the workshop and helps to guide practical action planning for the team. 

We also use Hogan Psychometrics and the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to bring greater depth to workshops where appropriate.

Our skills based workshops are designed not only to challenge participants’ current thinking but also provide practical tips for improvement in the chosen area.  We offer a wide range of topics and workshops can be run as full day or half day events and always include an opportunity to practice the skills being developed.

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