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Leadership Development

We believe that the culture of any organisation creates the context in which employees work and in turn enables them to realise their full potential or derails them from their purpose.  One of the role of leaders is to foster the right culture for their organisation, enabling others to achieve outstanding business results.

Our approach to leadership development is designed to help our clients to understand their leaders, their capabilities, development areas and aspirations and to support their continuous personal and professional development. This in turn enables greater focus and clarity on broader talent development and succession planning initiatives.

Working in partnership with HR professionals and line managers, we enable leaders to see themselves from multiple perspectives and understand what is making them successful, what might be holding them back and what might need to change if they are to become even more effective in their current role and to enable future success. With these insights, a development plan can then be agreed and implemented with a view to enhancing performance and realising potential to take on greater challenges. 

We can tailor our approach to meet our clients’ needs and to provide maximum benefit we suggest the following components are included:  Hogan psychometric suite, 360° feedback, structured discussion with the individual, combined feedback and development planning.

Hogan psychometric tests are reputation based, reflecting how the participant is likely to be seen by others under normal conditions and also when they let their guard down. They provide a rich source of information which can heighten self awareness and provide a framework for understanding how they behave and why and how this might be viewed by others. The tests can be taken online and once they have been completed, one of our accredited team will provide full feedback to the participant.

A valuable source of feedback and other perspectives can be gathered via 360° feedback.  We can work with our client’s 360° instrument or design a bespoke version as required. To complete the picture and to understand the participant’s background, perspectives and aspirations, we will also conduct a structured discussion with the individual. 

Once this interview is completed, a report is compiled, summarising the results of the different inputs while identifying any trends and contradictions. This feedback is provided to the participant in a half day feedback meeting which enables them to explore the data in detail and begin to formulate ideas for development planning.

The report is then provided to the participant’s line manager and HR professional along with a debrief from our team member. The purpose of this debrief is to ensure a common understanding of strengths and development areas and to provide a robust foundation for the development planning discussion which takes place between all interested parties.

This approach can be combined with our coaching and skills based workshops to ensure that development plans are addressed with real and specific interventions in mind.

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