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Martin Hall

Martin Hall

In a career spanning thirty years, Martin Hall worked initially as an economist at the Bank of England before going on to hold senior positions in leading multinational firms in the Asset Management and Insurance sectors, including Morgan Grenfell, Norwich Union/Morley Fund Management, Fidelity Investments and AXA Investment Managers. 

His role evolved from Portfolio Management and Head of Fixed Income through Chief Investment Officer and Head of Institutional Business and in his last role he was a Regional CEO for the UK and Scandinavia.

Martin has successfully lead teams of investment specialists as well as general business and sales functions and he has worked with clients and colleagues globally. Over many years, Martin has developed an inclusive, coaching style of management as a means of releasing the potential of those around him to the benefit of themselves, their organisation and their clients. 

In 2011, Martin’s interest in coaching and organisational team dynamics spurred him to complement his business experience with the academic rigour of the Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching.  He became an Ashridge accredited coach in 2013 and is an associate coach with Ashridge.  Martin is certified to use Hogan psychometric tools and does so in both individual and team settings and he is also qualified in using MBTI Step I Materials as part of his coaching practice. 

Martin increasingly finds himself working with individuals and teams on an edge between coaching and consulting, where both the complexity of the subject matter and the richness of the relationships in the team are part of the raw material of his client work.  He is currently studying for a Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching at the Academy of Executive Coaching.

Martin has a BA in Economics and Econometrics from the University of York and an MSc in the same subjects from the University of Southampton.

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